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Phoenix Rising

This is probably beyond the normal bounds of this blog, but it bugs me every day, and as this is a mostly civil multi-partisan community, here is as good a place to ask as any. This is in part a continuation of threads posted over the last several days...

As a Democrat, I have been completely unable to grasp something simple: why do Republicans (and a bare majority of the voting public) continue to support the current Republican leaders? I'm only going to say things here that I can back up with official documents: they lied us in to war, they ignore fiscal responsibility, they condone and cover up torture, they have gone out of their way to denigrate our stature before foreign nationals and nations.

Ethically, they refuse to police their own lapses; they repeatedly dissemble, prevaricate, mislead, distort, and lie about their programs and the facts - and they're willing to admit it! From this side of the aisle, it is as clear as daylight that national Republican leaders are willing, able, and happy to ignore and denigrate even the most genial efforts by Democrats to offer productive solutions.

This is why I'm not a Republican any more. No more fiscal responsibility. No more wisdom in our use of power. Fading honesty. Protectiveness at the expense of rationality.

Or was I just living in alternative-Republican land where people like Nixon understood diplomacy and the envrionment (even if he was a crook)?

I just haven't been able to figure it out, and I know there's a large number of fellow Democrats out there that would love to know the same thing.

Roger D


Right On!

This is not the Republican Party of either Barry Goldwater or Nelson Rockefeller, or even Dwight Eisenhower.

Susan B

I agree with you. When Clinton and Monica had their cigar thing, I was disgusted and had no problem openly speaking out about how embarrassed I was that a Democratic President did that. Now, I didn't think it was an impeachable offense by any means, but I certainly didn't just say, "Republicans are just out to get him. He didn't do anything wrong." What he did wrong was a personal thing, and it bothered me, and I didn't pretend it didn't bother me.

But with some of the Republicans on this blog you get the feeling that their elected officials could do virtually anything before they would speak up. If a politician is taking $20,000 from a lobbyist to take a trip, then that's wrong, whether he's a D, R, or a Green. But if it's your own party guy, well, he can do know wrong. It's strange, but in a sense, I bet it's also why Republicans do well in getting elected. Their base will follow them over a cliff.


A very valid question. However, in my opinion, it's more an indictment of the Democrat's complete inability to capatilize on Republican mistakes than of Republican's seemingly lemming-like nature. If the Democrats would have put up a more moderate candidate who could better connect with American voters, he would have won the Presidential election.

But because of the way our political system is set up, with only the most extreme candidates able to make it out of the primaries, we continue to be faced with a choice of the lesser of two evils.

This effect is magnified on the left because cadidates have to satisfy a much larger base. The left is composed of so many single-issue zealots (environmentalists, peaceniks, etc.) that D's end up alienating the middle on their way to a nomination.

So I don't beleive that the majority of Republicans blindly support the national leadership, they simply prefer it to whomever the Democrat's throw up in opposition.

Rick James

And environmentalists wonder why everyone hates them...

Phoenix Rising

galo - I wonder at what point do Republicans have to give up the support of a specific candidate in favor of an overall goal of ousting corrupt leadership and return to mixed-party control.

I have to agree with you on at least the "better connect with American voters" bit; Kerry was a fiscal conservative and a strong military supporter, but as a message deliverer, he was less than stellar.

Phoenix Rising

And in other news: Former Democratic Party Chair Chris Gates has apparently found a new job. Like many Americans, Gates' new job does not provide nearly as many hours as his former job, but it is good to hear he is moving on...

... to AM760's Sunday 11am - 1pm timeslot!

Gates promises to give the real scoop about the Governor's race and other Colorado politics.


Not that these guys are always right, but if he's going to be giving the inside scoop on Colorado politics, let's see how often what Gates talks about is something already reported, dissected and debated by the authors and users of this blog.

Phoenix Rising

In the promo he says "don't listen to the blogs or newspapers!" Guess he already understands the competition. :)


The promo should be:

"Don't listen to the blogs or newspapers, listen to the guy who got Waaked! I may not be able to count votes, but I sure can talk!"

At least we'll know with Gates when he relays "information" that it's simply going to be shilling for whatever candidate he's in bed with.


Excellent post Phoenix but I have one more thing to add on why I am a Democrat. Not only are Republicans throwing our country in the gutter economically but they don't seem to even care. If I could get Republicans to care about the deficit or even our local state budget as much as they care about scapegoating gays then maybe I would give them another look.

The problem the way I see it is that people no longer vote on substance but rather it becomes which party supposedly fits their image. Look Bush is clearing brush and he is from Texas, he must be a cowboy like me. Kerry does wind surfing, oh only liberals do that. Bush's favorite philosopher is Jesus - too bad none of his policies are very Christ like.

It is very frustration. People buy into political parties like they buy all the crap at Wal-Mart, always what is on the outside instead of what is on the inside. People will wake up, it just takes time before any good bait and switch scam is exposed.

On a positive note, new people are always coming to our local Democratic events and pretty much everyone says "I have been apolitical my entire life but I decided that I have to do something to get involved". People know our country isn't right, we just need to give them an acceptable alternative.


"When a family has to decide between buying gas or milk they soon realize that gay marriage isn't what is hurting their family."

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