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Heard more talk of Salazar running for Gov-anyone's thoughts?

Phoenix Rising

Is this how the Religious Right should grow its membership? According to the article, the Family Research Council (associated with - and at the time a part of - Focus on the Family) paid former KKK leader David Duke $82,000 for - you guessed it - a membership list from the KKK.

Add in the anti-Catholic rhetoric that threads its way through Fundamentalist Christianity, the focus on the submission of women, and the perversion of gays; how long is it before a full-fledged attack on the organization as an all-out hate mongering group is unleashed?

Roger D

According to Rocky Mountain News website, Hillman will be named acting Treasurer. This despite (and in spite of the AGs opinion) that there is no provision in the constitution for the Governor to do any such thing.

Where is Pat Waak, challening court, the constitutionality of this action.

Phoenix Rising

Since it (appointment of Hillman) hasn't happened yet, it's kind of hard to be filing a lawsuit...


No - but the dems have already filed against Hillmans Senate fund, so no doubt they'll file against Hillman now, too. What do you guys have? 20 lawyers on staff for this kind of stuff?


I just saw the new and improved ColoGop web site. It seems they took our advice - they have a blog now, too. And even a schedule of events. and even a history of press releases. Wow. Rachael just earned some kudos from this Republican.

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