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Hugo O'conor

Ahhnold also used that strategy in regards to immigration. He alienated the immigrant vote in hopes to pick up the white vote and it worked. Not that being a very well known movie star had anything to do with it, right?
That being said, I don't think that BB's comment was intentional nor was it malicious.


If the comment was intentional, it was silly, because there are ways to get the same upside without as much downside. That said, the general way BB postured on this issue sends a pretty clear signal he's adopting an aggressive stance (at least rhetorically) on "immigration" issues, and is willing to sacrafice Hispanic/Mexican-American votes in the process. A reasonable move given current sentiment, and the fact that Colorado is considerably more white than California.


IMHO, most people, or at least the people not directly affected, do not generally perceive immigration as a racist issue.

Maybe if we closely examine Beauprez’s statement, it was not that bad, and does not constitute racism. Unfortunately, many people will simply see it as such. His statement will be easily misconstrued; I can imagine the 15 sec. attack adds now. I don’t think that he willingly would give his opponent such ammunition.

John T.

Maybe it's just that Beauprez is as nutty as Tancredo? His voting record would certainly support that.


The idea that this was intentional has to be the most ridiculous idea ever floated on this blog - which is saying a lot.

Ter Ducken

I might have agreed with you, candyraver, if it hadn't been done before. I don't think that this is what happened either, but I do agree that it is an interesting strategic idea regardless.


No kidding, do you really think the Rs are going to model themselves after a Governor that all but destroyed the California Republican party and that turned California into a solid D state from top to bottom?


Jake: Wouldn't you say that Governor IS the top? And in California that position is held by the R's. True, California trends Democratic in national elections and the congressional delegation has a majority of D's, but thats been the case since Wilson was in diapers.

Its all an interesting theory but I don't think BB was unveiling a slash and burn strategy, but hey.. in for a dime in for a peso.


If you think this was intentional, then you don't know Bob Beauprez. And you don't know anything.


Whosontop - Sure Arnold right now, but in a strange circumstance. Absent that, California is has moved D in a big way in reaction to Pete Wilson's terms in office.

It remains to be seen if Arnold can turn the party around, but it was in shambles after that strategy was put in place.


This stupid comment is the reason why I won't be reading this blog anymore.

Ter Ducken

Chill out, Smythe. You don't find the idea interesting at least? I don't think anybody, including me, is saying that this is definitely what BB is doing, except for Colorado Luis, but I find the potential strategy very interesting. It's at least worthy of discussing as a political strategy.


as a political strategy it may be interesting GENERALLY but in this scenario (which is the topic of this thread) it is absurd.


Beauprez just needs a good nights sleep - that - and some time to get adjusted to fighting the biggest political fight he's ever had.


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