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Alan Smitheee

I am so happy to see that our "future governor" is an expert at international relations.

So Bob Beauprez wants to cut off aid to Mexico if they don't hand over cop killers for execution or a life sentence in his attempt to burnish his right-wing cred.
Stupid idea in my opinion, but then out of nowhere he donkey punches the whole issue:
"I've vacationed in Mexico before. I know exactly what 'Mexican time' is," Beauprez said."

WTF! For someone who is going to desperately need the "Mexican" vote, to be busting out the racism is pretty stupid.
Way to go Bob.


It's Jeff

What does "Mexican time" mean? All I can picture is Roberto lying in a hammock with a sombrero on, sipping on a Corona and ordering the staff around.

I hope that Garcia Gomez gets fried, but I think BB is showing his true, pasty white, colors.

Jackie Brown

You are reading too much into that quote. BB is just trying to make sure cop killers in the U.S. who run to Mexico like little cochroaches get what they deserve. Mexican time just means that it takes forever to extradite a criminal from there.

Phoenix Rising

Maybe we're reading too much into the quote, but so will everyone else. He might as well have said "Why should Gomez-Garcia get to sit at home while some Mexican judge takes his siesta?" Not smooth at all.

And that doesn't address the respect for law issues that I point out over in the new thread on Beauprez's actions.

Ter Ducken

PR is right. It doesn't matter if the quote was really that bad. To an average voter, it sounds borderline racist, and in political ads it will be used out of context to make it sound even worse.


Is Beauprez saying that things happen more slowly south of the border because all Mexicans are lazy?

Again, politics is a game, and Bob just fumbled. He's given ammunition to his opponents, who, yes, will use it against him in the most damaging way possible. Not good.

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