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Phoenix Rising

Ask, and it shall be given - immediately! Thanks, dead govs.

Phoenix Rising

Survey USA has a 50 State poll out today with Bush approval numbers. Colorado (demographic breakdown) comes in at 45% approve, 52% disapprove - certainly not the most positive thing for Republican outlook...


bravo to colorado pols for the best q & a session to date. the live responses from cong. udall only enhance the sincerity of the answers. i hope to see more of this format in the future.

thank you again for your participation cong. udall, it was extremely enlightening to say the least...


Indeed - Udall put everyone else to shame. I hope future Republicans can rise to the challenge - forego the "canned campaign" speak (misspells and all) - and become as candid as Mark was.


First, you have no idea that it was Udall and not some staff (Salazar) answering questions. Second, the fact that he answered the questions live didn't make them any more interesting or enlightening.

You all need to get off your knee pads and see it for what it is, just more silly campaigning (this applies to all the q & a sessions done by elected officials).


I disagree with you Please. The answers were more credible because Congressman Udall answered them live and, as indicated by the picture just posted, in person. It showed that he was confident enough to answer the questions in a short period of time and didn't require several extensions as was the case for Senator Allard. I was most impressed with the Congressman's demeanor. He was polite, to the point, and answered the questions as asked.

He is the best example thus far of what a Q&A session should be, regardless if he participated in it for political reasons. It would be nice if the Colorado Pols could include some form of a chat room (much like ESPN) to facilitate more of these live conversations in a more friendly format.

Thanks for getting this set up guys. It was nice.


Yeah, right - good idea "Please."

Colorado Pols should do away with Q&As by elected officials. It's frankly really dumb that a website devoted to Colorado politics would have Q&As with Colorado politicians! Who do these people think they are?!?! While we're at it, maybe the newspapers should stop interviewing elected officials for fear the politician is just campaigning for re-election! No coverage of politics for you!

I'll thank Cong. Udall for taking time out of his busy schedule to participate today. Keep up the good work, Mark. And, keep the Q&As coming, Dead Govs.

Alan Salazar

Dear Please -- your cynicism is understandable, but in this case, totally off-base. If staff was helping Mark we'd never have messed up the spelling. Moreover, in this hour Mark also juggled other things, including phone calls and staff interuptions to schedule a radio interview with Ed Schultz, etc. None of this can be conclusively proved to satisfy the most cynical of people, but I offer it here for less cynical readers of ColoradoPols to take as they see fit.


Last I checked, silly campaigning is what this site is about. And while "live" responses undoubtedly are still calculated, they are at least less canned - and therefore more interesting. Also, as Todd said, it does show the confidence to engage in an actual discussion - even in a forum that hasn't been sterilized by pseudo-secret service goons. Just look back at the Paschall and Allard Q&A's, and the difference is obvious.

Col. Klink

Brio, yeah, one was honest and the other wasn't!


Dear Please,

I know Alan Salazar and while it is hypothesized that a thousand monkeys sitting at typewriters would ultimately produce the works of William Shakespeare, it would never be hypothesized that one thousand Alan Salazars sitting at one thousand computers could ever produce those thoughtful and direct....oh never mind. Just believe Mr. Salazar's response to your post. Trust me on this, he did not answer those questions on Congressman Udall's behalf.


All - Wow, that was quite a quick response. I thought the picture was a very good touch. I will remain a bit of cynic, but as I said earlier, you can't deny that his staff is on the ball.

Hugo O'conor

A bit of humorous fallout from the Supreme Court decision on eminent domain. Someone has filed an intention to turn Justice Souter's home into a hotel. I'd be willing to pitch in a few bucks to see that make it all the way back to the Supreme Court.



You may be on to something, Herr Colonel. While I didn't agree with much that Paschall had to say, he certainly earned my respect for being the most straightforward pol we've heard from. His campaign manager may feel a little differently . . .

Donald E. L. Johnson

I think the Congressman writes just like Sen. Allard.

Col. Klink

Brio - What campaign??


Alfalfa - From the about section of this very blog - "Colorado Pols is the first Colorado Blog Website devoted to Colorado politics with real inside information that you can't get anywhere else. These are the stories that the mainstream press can't dig up or can't print themselves, with plenty of commentary and opinion thrown in for good measure."

Anybody see any real information from canned answers?? Anybody hear any stories the mainstream media won't cover with these Q&As?? Maybe I missed something but the answers are just about what you would expect from a politican on the stump.


Does anyone know what happened to MakesMeRalph? It's been down all day with a 404 message.


C.K. - The very professionally run one that has him at 10-1 over to the left.

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