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In response to your query on "where are Ed Perlmutter and Peggy Lamm?"....(on this issue).

Based on what we have seen to date, a good guess would be that Ed Perlmutter is raising money and Peggy Lamm is negotiating with Herb Rubenstein for his endorsement should he withdraw from the race. Just a guess.


Herb's working on point #201: "My Policy Toward Congressmen Who Make Dumb Comments." I think it will begin with "We need a solution for Congresssmen who make dumb comments."


"Where's the Rest of the Cavalry?...Where is Bill Ritter?...Where is Ed Perlmutter and Peggy Lamm (and Herb Rubenstein, for that matter)?...why aren't they taking shots just in case he runs for re-election in CD-7."

Where's George W. Bush? Where's Ted Kennedy? Why isn't Tom DeLay weighing in on this? Can't we just form an angry mob and start burning stuff?

Ter Ducken

I think the bigger point is Ritter. Why he has gone silent on this I will never know.


Perlmutter is following the long-held political wisdom of never intervening while an opponent (or potential opponent) is shooting themselves in the foot. Lamm probably doesn't want to get into any more situations where she might have to talk to a reporter, or a push pollster either....

Polly Wanna Cracker


Rutt Bridges beat the crowd to the punch and given the quick retraction by Beauprez, this issue won't have much more play until the election draws near.

Perhaps Lamm and the others know that and will wait to use the issue when it might garner votes?

You're a good parrot, Polly, but your iteration of the "push pollster" issue ignores the actual facts...and it makes it hard to take your remarks about "long-held political wisdom" seriously when it looks like you yourself apparently fail to heed your own advise.


Polly Wanna -- Lamm is radioactive on the issue of her endorsement of Bill Owens, and whether she gets into the fray about politically insensitive remarks about Mexicans (maybe not the smartest move for someone with her last name), is largely irrelevant for her diminishing chances in this election. Her tortured explanation about supporting Owens in 2004 is going to haunt her for years to come, and makes Beauprez's stumble seem like a minor scratch compared to her open -- and still bleeding -- wound. In a debate with almost anyone now (Republican or Democrat), she is toast.

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