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BB Fan

Just another attempt by the authors to bring Beauprez stock down. Beauprez will show $850,000 in bank at end of June. There is no stopping him.


Sorry, BBFan, can't blame the Dead Governors for this one. Read the Washington Post story for how the DeLay scandal is potentially hurting other members of Congress - members with a lot more juice and standing than two-term Bob.

Once you've read the story, you can blame the Washington Post. It's a time honored tradition that crooked Republicans blame the Washington Post for all their troubles.


Kudos to BB Fan. Bob will put up huge numbers at the end of June (I heard more in the $650K range). He and Bruce Benson will not be stopped by some little moveon radio ad. This fundraising period will show that.


I assume that we will all start hearing a lot less about this issue on this blog and in papers like the Washington Post, now that a couple of prominent democrats like Clyburn and Thompson have been named in the Abramoff scandal.

"Crooked Dems," Alfalfa?

Ter Ducken

Yeah, yeah. It's all a big conspiracy. Clearly this blog doesn't ever criticize Democrats.

Can we please stop this conspiracy theory and name-calling crap towards this blog. It's gotten old and boring, and it comes from both sides.

The DeLay thing is going to hurt any politician who has taken exorbitant sounding gifts from lobbyists, whether they are an R or a D. There's also more than enough evidence to make a logical connection between DeLay and Beauprez or Musgrave. The issue is whether or not the message comes across clear enough to the average voter.


So wait, it matters which side you are on if somebody will be reported? Let's see, there were Ds like Torricelli and Traficant or Rs like Janklow and Tracy Baker. So now it is DeLay's turn in the spotlight.

DeLay is being hammered because he has more than an illegal trip - his PACs have done some pretty shady and illegal stuff. He could easily get out of the trip mess if it weren't for the rest of the stuff that he was involved with.

I guess the reverse questions to yours, ion, is Clyburn and Thompson going to become 24/7 coverage on Fox News with no news of DeLay's problems?


Is "According to the Washington Post Republicans nationwide are growing concerned... " any more reliable than saying "According to Fox News Democrats nationwide are growing concerned..."


Deflect, deflect, deflect...then say everyone does it, and then blame that liberal bastion, the Washington Post.

It's Republican scandal talking points 101, developed and implemented by Nixon and his merry band of crooks and perfected in the decades since by the poor, helpless and tread-upon Republican Party and its message machine. Everything is one big conspracy foisted upon an unsuspecting America by Katherine Graham, Ben Bradlee, and the rest of those unpatriotic swine.

To me, a crooked politician is a crooked politician, regardless of party. And, they should be drummed out of office and hung by their toes in the public square. Since Abramoff seems to be a bipartisan scumbag, there are going to be Democrats caught up in this mess. I think that's great - throw the bums out. Heck, I think we ought to be throwing Dem leadership out on principle alone given the direction our party has gone in the last 15 years - but that's for another comment.

The question at hand and in Colorado is not about Democrats with close ties to Abramoff or DeLay (are there any?) - it's mostly about BB. And, BB has a DeLay Double-Whammy: not only was he an ardent supporter of and supportee by the BugMan, BB has that very expensive trip he forgot to report.

He can raise a ton of money, it may not be enough to wipe the stink of DeLay off him. It's no mistake he's trying to stay as far away from this as possible, as opposed to MM and her love letter to Tommy the other day.

But, don't think for a minute Holtzman won't use all the money he's raising to remind voters of BB's ties to DeLay. It's pretty clear Holtzman is not in this thing to slip away quietly. And, should BB survive the primary, the Democrats will spend the next three months doing the same thing.

Be as confident as you want about BB and his chances, but it's going to be an ugly and messy trip for him. It'll be interesting to watch.


Republican talking points? Right...

Anyone remember a former First Lady crying into the night about a "vast right-wing conspiracy"... Ring a bell?

And on that note about Beauprez's "ugly trip," I'm not hearing a lot of facts, just a lot of partisan showmanship from the left. Diana DeGette made the same mistake about not reporting a trip, so keep that in mind before you saw too much off your own branch.

Ter Ducken

DeGette didn't report $400. Beauprez didn't report more than $20,000. There have been plenty of facts reported, whether you choose to admit them or not.


Bruce Benson has waved off of ref c and d to help Bob Beauprez. That's huge, and will need to be considered when people talk about long term fundraising.

Kenevan McConnon

I can't remember a House leader with as much negative name recognition as Delay since Jim Wright.

Seems history is repeating with a small difference. It's the Republicans this time. Democrats took 40 years to reach this level of corruption. It took the Republicans 10.


The question was, "Will Delay links really matter" and the answer is: only if there are members of congress dumb enough to embrace their crooked leader as he is being called out on his crimes, i.e. Marylin Musgrave. BB will be fine. I also didn't know about that $850K...wow. Any truth to the nasty little rumor about Owens in CD 7?

It is humorous to listen to listen to Repubs when someone they admire or look up to does something wrong. Reminds me of children on a playground when teacher finds out about what they did wrong.

Fair and balanced is not discussing Delay's good attributes and the laws he didn't break when he is being called out on crimes he committed. Fair and balanced is holding a member of congress, let alone leadership, accountable for wrongdoing...not shrugging shoulders and saying that everyone does it.


Anyone who is linked to Tom Delay is in for it. That guy is corrupt. Corrupt Republican, the two just go together.

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