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His Gray Eminence, Mr. Bennett, would surely not leave the Great Pretender (Hick) to run the city all by himself! Why, besides photo ops and really, really inarticulate pronouncements about cops killing citizens and illegals killing cops, what on earth would the Hick do without Bennett?

Peter Griffin

So it appears that the Denver chapter of the Wesleyan University Alumni Association is about to split up. DPS issues were a major roadblock for Hickenlooper's gubernatorial run and with Bennet heading over there, Hick can now check DPS off of the list. Maybe we'll begin to see some movement from Hick on the governors line and his buddy Rutt Bridges can finally quit with the stall tactics and fade back into the woodwork.

I foresee Cole Finegan making the move over to COS to do some immediate house cleaning - finally clearing out the majority of the underqualified campaign holdovers Hick brought onto his staff to create the illusion of "diversity."

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