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Red Ranger

From the Desk of... has an interesting piece about Angie, and potential Republican opponents lining up for her Statehouse seat.



Wes McKinley, the Democrats answer to Ken Chlouber!


I like Angie alot but her potential candidacy is getting off to a rough start.
Wes is more of a clean slate in that regards.


Hasn't everyone's campaign gotten off to a rocky start this year?....go back and read the archives.

If I was the MM machine, these are exactly the type things I would be saying about AP to keep her out. Don't forget..MM is beatable for a change. And they know it. All of this stuff was brought up by none other than...Ed Haynes in 2004 and the voters of Ft. C didn't buy it then and all that is needed is 50% plus one to think that heathcare, jobs, education and the economy are more important to them than whether Angie didn't pay a bill in 2003.

I'd say she is off to a very good start or so many people wouldn't already be shooting at her. Go AP.


Angie and Wes both bring a lot to the table and they both have baggage. Everyone should just keep an open mind about the race - it's still early and and we haven't even seen polling numbers yet.


Doesn't anyone remember how badly the RNC and tne Musgrave machine beat the crap out of Matsunaka for not payng a mere $200 in back taxes???

I shudder to think what they will do to Angie over her much worse record.

(Not to mention the effect that would have on down ticket Dems.)

Angie's done.

McKinley just became my man.

Cowboy up, Wes!


Don't count Angie out yet. Wes has a long way to ride to outdo Paccione.
There are more bankruptsys in the 4th than anywhere on the planet...not having enough money to pay your bills is hardly a sin.

Run Angie.


I am going to be interested to see the polling #'s assuming that they become public knowledge. Although, I am starting to wonder because it has been several weeks since Angie said that polling was going to be conducted. If the poll #'s show her to be a strong candidate I would think she would be all about getting that info to the press to try to scare off Wes and prove to the public that she has a legit shot at beating Musgrave.

Who knows maybe the polls aren't completed yet but I am starting to wonder.


I heard the polling on Paccione and McKinley is to hit the field by the end of this week or the first of next week. So, I'd say it hasn't yet been done. I understand that the results will be made public in a timely manner. Why wouldn't they release the results? If it shows she can win..she would want to scare off the challengers. If it doesn't why would she want to run? She is a lock for another term in HD53.


That's good to know. I will look forward to hearing something about the results sometime in the next week or two.

By any chance do you know who the poll is being commissioned by? Paccione/Wes, only Paccione, or the Colorado Dem Party?


polling will be done by Angie's folks


Actually Political Princess, I have heard that the DCCC may have a hand in it on behalf of AP...There has been a lot of contact between the two over the last two months. Don't count her out, yet.


Last I heard was that AP and WM were in this together to see who had the best chance. Then would campaign together on behalf of the one that could win.


If Angie gets out in front of this now, she may be able to mitigate the damage. The news about the liens and bankruptcy isn't particularly new. Matsunaka's problem was his holier-than-thou silence while Musgrave attacked and defined him to voters.

Paccione's lucky that this is coming out now, and not in July 2006. Might as well get it out there and mitigate it now. So far this is only one column in RMN, so there's plenty of breathing space to take ownership of this. It's too early for MM to start attack mailings, anyway.

So have a sit-down with the Greeley Trib and FC Coloradoan and craft a story of a single woman trying to get by in the face of hardship and all that. See if you can weather this storm, and if not: oh well. Support McKinley or some other Dem, and run for HD 53 re-election and angle for party leadership posts in Denver.


good to great ideas stygius -- are angie's financial woes a thing of the past or an ongoing albatross -- is there only the 92 bankruptcy or a later one? are there more lawsuits since reelection?
I don't know but if the mess is cleaned up she can run -- if, not focus on reelection -- does anyone know the answers?

Radical Jack

Looks like Rocky Mountain News had a case of premature ejaculation on this one. If they had waited longer until after Angie announced formally some real damage would have been done. Wes played into Blake's hands by even commenting on this, but I don't blame him if he's seriously running. Considering the Bush Administration is shoving anti-bankruptcy laws down everyone's throat while cutting corners for United and other boondoggles, this line of attack will backfire.


Vladimir, I bet Angie does.

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