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Regular Joe

Indeed. Where IS Bill Ritter? Maybe out raising money, but that's not likely. Ritter just can't keep missing opportunities and expect to stay in this race, especially when Bridges is playing the cards right at every turn.

And if you look closely, these stories show that the Bridges campaign is doing an excellent job of managing his image. It's not just that Bridges got a couple of softball stories--it's that he got stories that show him sitting, sipping beer and talking politics with Coloradans on a Sunday afternoon. In these stories, he's a regular guy who wants to do things differently in our state--and that's how most people will come to know him. Early inoculation, and good media work by the Bridges people.


A few local Democrats may read these stories but in the end, who cares??? Press this early doesn't matter. Despite all the salivating liberals, in 10 months nobody will remember the "Mexican time" comments by Beauprez either. This is a non-story, just like that was.

Wary D

These stories won't get a lot of readership, so their practical significance is probably nil. But Rutt is back up off the mat from his initial announcement. he's landed a few solid punches and he seems to be playing the game right... I'm still wary but Rutt is looking better.

Phoenix Rising

Rutt has done nothing but impress since just after his weak campaign opening. He's a strong speaker, has a great personal story, and is a self-made businessman who can speak on a Progressive note.

I didn't really love the guy when I first met him, but he's grown on me (and not like a fungus, either :)


Early press doesn't matter? While this won't keep Bridges from having a primary, it certainly positions him better.

And, oh yeah, it's press in the Telluride and Cortez papers. As a bit of an education for all you Denverites, getting out there and showing people you care is the most important thing a candidate can do in those communities. They remember things like that. THAT'S why this press matters. Folks in rural Colorado don't forget that you didn't forget about them.


Rutt spent the 4th in rural Colorado. And Beauprez? Talking to the Arapahoe Republican Men'S group and a bunch of oil guys. Happy 4th, Bob.


"I didn't really love the guy when I first met him, but he's grown on me"

I couldn't agree more. I was pretty underwhelmed by the Democratic candidates for Governor but have really warmed up to Rutt Bridges in the last few weeks...

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