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I am dissapointed that there isn't even a mention about the R side of the race for CD-7.

I think you might be eating crow about that one.


Maybe time to start one on CD-3, as well.

Alva Adams

There's really nothing to talk about on the Republican side in CD-7. O'Donnell has been quiet, and he doesn't have a challenger. There's not much to say.


I am dissapointed that there isn't even a mention about the D side of the race for CD-5.

Okay, I didn't mean that.


as posted yesterday, more serious consideration must be given that hick will get in the race. why would he be participating in what any reasonable intepretation would define as a campaign style event in steamboat springs if he wasn't trying to build his name id statewide.

driving and antique car as an entrant in the 4th of july parade in steamboat....hmmmm


I am starting to doubt the credibility of your 'line' since you let one article with old news change Paccione from 5 to 9...and Wes M...who hasn't even been willing to announce his intentions to 6...I guess your guess is as good as any, huh? And with all the smear on MM...why isn't BK up to 5?

Well, you never said you were Vegas.


I think it is a mistake not to include Lionel Rivera as a contender for the 5th CD. Other candidates are Ken Chlouber, who has said that he would run when Hefley retires and Keith King, if he does not get the Harrison School District job.

Lucius Cicero

Bill Kaufman will be nothing more than a speed bump on Marilyn Musgraves road to Victory in 2006. He is a lightweight without any support. Bring on Wes or Angie, its doesn't matter, MM will win.

Alva Adams

As we said in the post about Paccione, it wasn't the RMN article that dropped her. We have heard separately, as posted, that Paccione's problems have not been cleaned up and Republicans have taken the opportunity to jump on it with proof should she run. What is old news is that she had previous financial problems. What is NEW news, which we posted about, is that there is more than one problem now. That's enough to drop her because it will scare away a lot of Democratic supporters worried about what effect that news might have if she were the nominee.


Chlouber's not running, and niether is Rivera. "a" can speculate all he wants - but there are only three folks we in EL Paso need to look to: Crank, Lamborn and Williams.

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