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If Rep. Josh Penry gets in this race, it will be official that Matt Smith has lost back to back primary elections.
I thought Smith had decided to be John Salazar's Chief of Staff, or was he just his interim advisor during the Walcher/Salazar race?


If Rep. Josh Penry gets in this race, it will be official that Matt Smith has lost back to back primary elections.
I thought Smith had decided to be John Salazar's Chief of Staff, or was he just his interim advisor during the Walcher/Salazar race?


Can't imagine delegates in Mesa and Garfield counties would support a candidate that openly backed a democrat last election. Who else is looking at running?


Maybe Salazar will even endorse Matt! That would be cool huh. This is ridiculous, Penry has clearly surpassed Smith on Western Colorado water credibility. Penry actually passed a water bill in one year and Smith couldn't do it in 8 years. I hope Josh gets in this thing, it will be the classic showdown of old versus good young solid talent!




Isn't he someones brother in law? Oh yeah! Matters not! I am curious what government job he will apply for and not get after he loses this race. What's next Matt, you going to run for GJ city council?


"Hi, I'm Matt Smith. I am a lawyer/lobbyist, ex-state rep, and failed congressional candidate. I can't find a job on my own merits, but I would appreciate it if you would send me back to Denver because my sister married a Congressman. I'm Matt Smith and I approve this message."
Yes, very appealing, run with it Matt.


Maybe some of the R's up there GJ should just start to face the reality that Walcher was a terrible candidate and an even worse person. Quite frankly, about the only big name Greg could get up there to publicly back him was Scott McInnis.

The sad irony of the bitter tirades on this board is that Smith never campaigned for John Salazar! In fact John offered his COS position to former State Rep. Gayle Berry not Matt.

People should just vote for who they think is the best candidate of the two between Penry and Smith and not worry about the rumor mill which in this case is wrong.


I think its about time that some of the GJ R's face reality that Walcher was a terrible candidate and an even worse person. Quite frankly, about the only big name he could get to publicly endorse him up there was Scott McInnis.

The sad irony of the bitter tirades on this board is that Matt never actually campaigned for John Salazar! That, and it was actually former State Rep. Gayle Berry who John offered his COS position to.

People should just vote for who they think the best candidate is between Penry and Smith and leave the inaccurate rumor mill behind.


gl - Are you really saying that with a straight face? What honorable Republican takes their ball and goes home when they don't win? NONE! Because honorable Republicans don't do that. I will give you that Walcher was a less than likeable guy, but come on, he won and Matt Smith was snivelling about it all the way until November. Not exaclty a big boy about losing, albeit he came close but he still lost. I used to think that Matt was a better person than to walk away from the nominee and watch the seat go D. I have no patience for this type of person and he better not knock on my door for my delegate vote. We all know Smith had a loose coalition with Salazar after the primary, heck they beat Ref A single handidly and I give them kudos for that. Do you think Salazar supports him for the federal appointment if Matt didn't help him a little. Come on man! Your posts are better than that. You get politics. Read between the lines here! Penry is the fresh new face that this valley needs to unify itself!

how you say...

"Walcher was a terrible candidate..."

Then why did Smith lose to Walcher? The same reason he will lose whomever he faces in his primary. He is one of the most clueless politicians I've ever seen with absolutely no moral compass.

If I were Penry, I'd run just to beat Matt and send him home once and for all.


There was no "loose coalition" between John Salazar and Matt Smith. Period. Salazar's camp would have loved for that to have been the case, but it wasn't.

The only point that you on have the guy on is that he didn't actively come out and campaign for Walcher afterwards. But when you run a win at all costs campaign, like Walcher did, you make bitter enemies. Which is why none of the major Republican Candidate's in the last 3rd CD race wanted to take partake in the "kiss and make up show" after seeing some of the tactics that Mr. Walcher pulled in the primary.

As for John writing a letter in support of Matt's attempt at a federal appointment... that's just smart politics more than anything else. Getting your most dangerous potential opponent out of contention for the next election, smart move! Besides John's bread and butter is water issues...so it made sense to try to get an ally on that issue in a position of authority.

Personally, I don't care about a Penry v. Smith matchup. I just don't like to see lies propigated.


Why did Walcher win the primary...that's easy:

1)Because he ran as the hardliner within the Republican caucus.
2) He had the State Party's main powers and subsequent funding apparatus behind him (Owens,etc)
3) As you mentioned, his Rep. competition turned out to be pretty inept.

So while Walcher was a strong candidate in the primary...he was a bad candidate for the general election when he had to face a wider spectrum of voters. And now the R's in the 3rd District are going to have to pay the price for his candidacy for sometime to come.


Smith is pro-choice. Smith favored gun control. Smith voted to raise taxes.

Sounds like a strong candidate in a rural GOP primary to me.

Get off the Smith-Walcher primary. The relevant news here is that Smith is cruising for a second consecutive loss.


I thought Penry was gonna run against Salazar -- oh well another boy wonder has to wait in line -- if Penry runs he will kill Smith by the way --


I'll repeat:

Remove the feeding tube, Smith is dead.


Let’s give poor Matt a break; he really does think he can beat Penry. But we all know that his illusions of grandeur stem from the fact that he is vertically challenged therefore he has to compensate for his “problem” by thinking he has a snowball’s chance in hell against Penry.


Some perspective about SD 7, which was contentious six years ago.

When Ron Teck ran against Tom Burke in the primary in 1999, every Mesa County Republican was torn. Everyone said Tom Burke was a better candidate and had it in the bag. Tom had more money and (allegedly) more support. Yet Tom and his supporters still insisted on bad-mouthing Ron Teck and ran a semi-nasty campaign against him.

What did Ron Teck do? He nominated Tom Burke to be Chairman of the Mesa County GOP. Why? Because Ron Teck is the type of statesman we all should aspire to be, even if we disagree with his politics (which I often do). As a candidate or supporter of one, we would all serve the public dialogue better by not slandering good people.

On another note, Penry groupies should also remember that some very talented legislators in years past tried and failed to get a basin-of-origin protection/mitigation bill passed.

While I commend Josh for having success this year with the passage of his water forums bill (hear, hear), the basin-of-origin protection bill that he co-sponsored with Bernie Buescher failed -- just like those of Tillie Bishop, Tim Foster, Matt Smith and Russ George. So, when you are out proselityzing for Josh, you might get your facts straight, otherwise Josh will look like a fool who doesn't have control of his own campaign rhetoric.

I think he would be embarassed to know his supporters were saying that he's better than Bishop, Foster, Smith and George combined. And if I were Tim Foster and Tillie Bishop I'd be upset, too.


Perspective, in your world the man you are running to defend, Matt Smith, would have gotten straight behind Walcher when we was beat fair and square. People have always viewed Matt as the little man that could who peaked on the first day he entered the legislature. Just like not everyone is college material, Matt Smith is not Senate material.


SD7 perspective,

I don't think anybody implied that Penry was better than Bishop, Foster, and George combined. I think the exact statement was "Penry actually passed a water bill in one year and Smith couldn't do it in 8 years." Simply stated, Penry will blow Smith out of the water and will probably have the support from past and present West Slope leaders like Bishop, Foster and George. And, once again we'll see Smith's true colors. Can you say "Poor Little Loser."



I've never been called a "groupie" before, but if one must be a groupie to support a particular candidate, I'd rather get on the rock star's bus than ride the little engine that couldn't.

West Slope Wannabe


You're post reminds me of a little song that goes something like "I'm a little tea pot short and stout. . . ." I sure hope Matt is ready to be cracked like fine china.


Matt Smith will win. He was robbed last time, by the dirty tricks of the Walcher campaign.

Penry needs to get a real job (just once in his life) and then think about representing folks who work hard.

If Penry got the nomination, he would lose to Salazar so hard, it really isn't funny.

Case in point, the casual and ineffective attacks of Penry's supporters (or perhaps Penry himself on this board) -- get professional.


Reality- put the pipe down and back away slowly.

Matt Smith’s brother in law doesn’t even like him, let alone the bulk of Mesa County. Inferring that Josh is involved interesting perspective but I think that the one involved may be Matt because in all honesty I am not sure what person in Mesa County actually thinks that highly of Matt and that low of Josh.

And last time I checked neither Josh nor Matt is running against Salazar- they are running for SD 7 not CD 3 moron!


Achilles, Yes the comment I responded to was: "Penry actually passed a water bill in one year and Smith couldn't do it in 8 years."

My point that you overlooked was - it wasn't the same bill. Penry, like his predecessors (Smith, Foster and Bishop) tried *and failed* to pass a basin of origin protection bill.

The successful water bill Penry sponsored was a "water roundtable" bill, which is a step in the right direction. But give credit where it is due - to DNR Director Russ George who spearheaded the idea. I know Josh is quick to defer to George's leadership on this issue and so should the rest of us.

Just trying to keep the record straight there.

To moderateR - huh? I really wasn't defending/advocating for Smith. I think it is important to keep some context in mind, instead of allowing misinformation to be disseminated.

In an ideal world, all primary candidates and their supporters would come together after a heated race. But that has not been the reality for many years now (not just in the last year). Think how the Coors people must feel now that Bob Schaffer has jumped on the Beauprez campaign - do you think they're inclined to jump on? Probably not. That's the unfortunate reality.

If the GOP continues to primary candidates, we're going to blow ourselves apart for good. The Ds have waited for 20+ years for such opportunities and have incredible momentum now. Top that with a local party that is eating itself alive and you have a disaster. You can believe Mitch Rothman, etal, are ready to aggressively pursue an open SD 7 and open HD54 seat (if Josh runs). What a nightmare.

So, pragmatically speaking - is it a good idea to run another contentious primary for the second year in a row? The old axiom is that primaries are good for a party (to draw new blood), but I don't see that happening in MC. We should be more strategic and help our new leaders, like Penry, build their careers thoughtfully.

Best wishes to Penry and Smith. I like them both and fear that a primary between them would rend our party irreparably.

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