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BA - Where'd you get the idea that Matt's brother in law (McInnis) doesn't like him? Scott did quickly endorse Walcher after the primary, but that doesn't speak to a dislike of Smith, in my book.

I understand McInnis said publicly at a recent event that he will support Matt in his SD7 bid.

That has to bother Penry, who used McInnis' endorsement heavily in his legislative bid last year.

McInnis has historically supported who he believes is the best candidate for a given seat, in spite of familial ties or friendships.


I guess he just doesn't have much faith in him. Maybe he has decided to endorse him but maybe that is because of the flack he recieved in the Walcher/Smith primary. But voters will see as just that.


Funny that this thread is about Matt Smith but everyone is paying more attention to Josh Penry. Maybe that is because people like him a hell of a lot more.


BA - Again, I think you're making a giant leap in an effort to "spin" the information.

I believe Scott wanted to end the primary between Walcher/Smith quickly in an effort to unite the GOP. That is certainly commendable and speaks to Scott's commitment to our party.

If you know Scott, you know he doesn't just do "payback". He's taken a lot of heat over the years for supporting candidates and issues that were controversial.

If Scott backs Matt, you can bet its because Matt deserves it. And, there could also be a not-so-subtle message to Josh - stay where you are.

I have faith in Josh - He's a smart guy; he'll listen and do the right thing (stay in HD 54).


Dell -
Sure, Penry is likeable. He hasn't been in politics long enough to accumulate many detractors.

But, I'll tell you a few reasons why I like and support Matt.
1) As state rep he got funding to pave Hwy50 from GJ to Delta
2) Knows energy issues due to having served on national and international energy commissions.
3) Understands western water issues in-depth
4) He's against Ref. C & D / supports keeping TABOR intact.
5) He's Pro-2nd Amendment
6) Good work ethic
7) Humble
8) Consensus-builder
9) Strong sense of personal ethics
10) Not afraid of making controversial stands

I think that's good for now. I'm not sure what platform Matt is running on yet, since he just announced for SD7. Stay tuned.


FRIEND OF MATT: You say if Scott backs Matt its because he deserves it?!?!? Clearly your not married or plugged in to the political realities in Mesa County. McInnis took a ration of heat from his bride after the CD3 primary because Matt came so close to winning and Lori felt that Scott could have put him over the top but he chose to keep his powder dry! Regardless of who Scott thinks is the better candidate he has to support Matt for the sake of a happy wife = happy life.
SD7 PERSPECTIVE I mean Gay Hammer. Your posts are so transparent, of course you want Josh to sit tight cause he won't pay you if we was to get in the race. Your opinions are motivated by your pocket book as to who will hire you to manage their campaigns.
REALITY, I second BA's post...moron! Get your races straight, neither is running for CD3.


FRIEND OF MATT: Get off the kool-aid! Take your teal blue sunglasses off! Got funding for highway 50. Since you used to work for Matt you know as well as I do that the transporation commission prioritzes and funds transportation projects. Transportation funding was taken away from legislative pervue many decades ago to avoid just what you are doing...claiming pork that no one but the transporation commission deserves credit for.
On water, where is his legislative accomplishments. Thats right, he wasn't "humble" enough to work with the other side on a compromise, so we got nothing! As for talking points 4,5, and 6 he and Josh are of the same opinion. Consensus builder?!?!? Why didn't he get behind the consensus candidate after the CD3 primary? Do majorities only rule when they break your way? You know better than that TK!


Sorry to disappoint you moderateR, but I'm not Gay... Hammer, that is! (Ha - couldn't resist).

Silly you.

Yes, I know that Lori was unhappy with Scott for his quick endorsement of Walcher after the primary. But that didn't stop him then, and it probably won't influence him now.

You should give Scott more credit.


Just a small list of why to vote for Josh rather than "short-stack."
1) Is loyal to the Republican Party unlike Matt.
2) Understands western water issues in depth and can actually get a substantial water bill passed. But also concerned about water state wide.
3) Also against Ref. C & D and does support keeping TABOR intact.
4) Pro-2nd Amendment
5) Great work ethic as well
6) Strong sense of personal ethics
7) Even though he is young got more accomplished as a freshman in a democratic controlled state government than Matt got accomplished in a Republican controlled state government.

Might not have as much experience as Matt but a better candidate but thanks Friend of Matt for playing try again. And thanks for the support moderateR.


The bottom line is that Matt Smith is a sore looser. He turned his back on the Republican Party when he lost the CD3 Primary. Not only did he not endorse Walcher, he worked hard for Salazar...no wonder he couldn't get an appointment at the U.S. Department of Interior.

Republican Primary voters will NEVER support a "sometimes Republican."



I don't work for Matt and never did, so stop making giant, incorrect leaps just because you're ticked.

Regarding Matt's successes as a legislator, why don't we use your standard and say that Penry wasn't responsible for passing the water roundtable legislation, either.

There are 100 legislators and they all have to work within the politics of the various commissions and agencies to actually get something done.

Matt certainly did not build Hwy 50 single-handedly, but he did work very hard to make sure that enough funds were allocated towards that particular project.

As far as the CD3 campaign last year, what does it matter if Matt didn't jump on board Walcher's campaign. Greg is intelligent and capable, but has the ability to piss off everyone he comes in contact with. He has no ethics or fiscal management abilities (witness the near-demise of Club 20 in the 1990s under his "leadership" there). Walcher is his own worst enemy and has no one to blame but himself.

Back to Matt and Josh's positions on issues. Great, glad to hear that we have two candidates of a like mind. Those are the things we should re-focus on.

So, pardon me while I sip my Kool-Aid and clear the shrapnel off of my teal-colored glasses. (The future's so bright for Matt, I just gotta wear shades.)


Friend of Matt-I really wonder what you are smoking and if I can borrow some. Because I honestly don't think you realize how dellusional you actually are.


Does Matt have a job?

Maybe that's why he's running for office again...why should the taxpayers foot the bill for Matt to have a job?


Okay, I'm as guilty as the rest of us for taking this conversation to the bottom rung. Let's focus on the real opposition for a minute. While he continues to deny it, Buescher is very likely to get in to this Senate race. That being said we have a high liklihood of picking up HD55 and bumping him off in the SD7 race. We need a strong cadidate for HD55. Let's agree, Josh CAN beat Bernie. He sat across the isle from him all year. Watched him closely and persumabley recorded "mistakes" that won't play well in his re-elect. If for nothing else lets beat the real enemy in this scenario who is BB.


MattCantWin -

Stop spreading lies. Matt did not endorse or work for Salazar in CD3 campaign. What he did was simply not endorse Walcher.

You might consider that Steve ErkenBrack did not endorse Shari Bjorklund.

Barb Brewer didn't support Janice Ward after their primary two years ago.

Do you see a pattern here? Primaries are a problem in Mesa County.

We are becoming small-minded and petty when our buddies lose. That is bad for the GOP and good for the Democrats.

Keep this up and we'll all be losers.


There is a ton that Bernie hasn't supported that has angered Mesa County and the Ref. C and D debate is going to come into play. Also I really think it would be a stupid move for Bernie to run because we could regain HD55. But hel run Bernie run.


moderateR -
Finally, a post worthy of discussing!

Yep, you can bet Bernie is going to run and that really chaps my hide.

But, Bernie is sadly mistaken if he thinks he can pull in GOP votes again this year. That is, as long as we don't offer them to him on a plate, which is what we'll do if we have a GOP primary first.

We need to encourage one and only one candidate to run for SD7.

Matt has declared his intentions, so I lets move past the CD3 debacle and show the Democrats we're not going to self-destruct this time.

Josh, if you're reading this. Please, stay where you are. We need you to help Matt and a GOP nominee for HD55 win!

Please, Josh, be a team and help reunite our local party. You'd be a total hero in my book and would virtually secure your place in the Mesa County GOP political hierarchy for decades to come.


We will have great candidates for both HD 54 and HD 55. So Josh run please I don't think I can deal with a midget in highwaters.

West Sloper

It is obvious after 43 posting that Matt Smith has a dedicated opposition full of hatred.

Yes Matt Smith campaigned for John Salazar in the San Luis Valley and Durango in Oct. of 2004.

His attempt to scare people out of the in July of 2005 will be a failure just as his efforts to raise dollars in July of 2004 failed miserably (less than $1,000 for an Aug Primary). The little dutch boy is done.

Love the loyal opposition.


Everyone knows that Josh Penry contributes to Coloradopols every chance he gets. A few folks have seen him not just reviewing but typing away on the site (HI JOSH!). No big deal, but I think it's hilarious how defensive Penry's "supporters" got IMMEDIATLY on this thread.


Rumor: Penry's wife is a beard. Truth?



If Matt could type, maybe he would post here. I wish he would, I've got a couple things I'd like to tell him.

P.S. In case you didn't notice, I am not Josh.


Hey muckraker - Don't take this conversation even lower by taking cheap shots at Josh Penry's wife. She's a very attractive lady and it is obvious that you haven't met her.

This is why I won't go into politics - it is very hard on families, especially when people like you make childish attacks to goad their spouse/parent, the candidate.

Grow up. I think Josh should stay in HD 54, but I would never stoop to personal attacks to make the case.


Insulting Jamie Penry, low blow-she is a great person all around not as much as we can say about the Matt Smith supporters.Thanks muckraker for pointing out exactly why we shouldn't vote for Matt his supporters resort to insulting Josh's wife.


Growup -
Just because some moron posts an insult about Josh's wife, don't assume it's a Matt Smith supporter.

This is a blog, remember? That may just as easily have been someone trying to create a deeper rift between Smith and Penry because they like to see that kind of petty conflict.

Like SD7perspective, I support Matt's bid for SD7 and want Josh to stay put, but that was a cheap shot by muckraker about Jamie Penry.

Jamie and Josh are good people.

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