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Hey "bylaws"

Neither the Governor nor Bob Schaffer are officers in the Central Republican Committee - and they certainly weren't endorsing on behalf of an entity. They are members yes, but members can endorse.

Nice try though.


Wouldn't you rather have a Governor who has actually CREATED jobs? That's why Bob Beauprez gets my vote. Think about it, how many jobs did he create through dairy farming (all the way from the people who picked up the milk, to the processing plant, the people who had to deliver the milk to the store, the people in the store who had to stock the milk, sell it, etc), the development at Indian Peaks (Imagine the thousands of jobs here, from the crew who ran the large equipment to make the golf course, to the builders: from the people who hammered the nails to build the homes, to the carpet layers; not to mention the flooring stores who sold the carpet, and the furniture stores who had to make the furniture to sell to the homebuyers). How about all the people employeed at the beautiful golf course that sits on the old farm? How about all of the jobs that were created by Bob saving the little bank in Lafayette from failure? Just think of the people who borrowed money from that bank, who started their own business, who hired people themselves? I could go on and on about what great opportunities BB created for people. This is the kind of man I want to run my state. Not to mention that he is a thrid generation Coloradan on his dad's side and a Fifth generation on his mother's. We have a great opportunity to here. Why would you vote for anyone else?


There are only 2 jobs Holtzman has ever created in Colorado:

1) Secretary of Technology
2) President of DU


speaking of, there are only 2 jobs Holtzman has ever created in Colorado:

1) Secretary of Technology
2) President of DU


Average annual salary for both positions. $1/year.


I guess you get what you pay for...

Ter Ducken

Give me a break. Let's not talk about Beauprez "creating jobs" because his family owned a dairy farm as though his primary motive was to give people someplace to work. That's like praising Ken Salazar for "creating jobs" because his wife owns a Dairy Queen. Beauprez isn't the pied piper of job creation. He's just a rich guy who inherited money and bought businesses so that he could make more money.


"He's just a rich guy who inherited money and bought businesses so that he could make more money."

you're not serious right? do your homework and come back when you're ready to have a real discussion about BB's background. otherwise don't talk about things you clearly don't know.

Defero Veritas

Ter Ducken - not to be blunt, but you clearly have no business offering anything remotely close to an opinion regarding dairy farming. It's not a rich man's hobby, that's for sure.

Sam puts it in the proper perspective - Beauprez has helped create and support a lot of small businesses around the state. Sounds like good governor material to me...

Ter Ducken

He inherited a dairy farm, sold it, got rich, and bought more businesses. What's not to understand?


I just think the Beauprez Campaign is trying out their "talking points" on this blog to test traction. Best if we all ignore them... becuase if that's what they plan to play for his "credibility factor" in this race, BB has a long haul ahead of him.

NOTE TO MARSHALL: try explaining Beauprez' VOTES. That's where ya all have the problem.


"He inherited a dairy farm, sold it, got rich, and bought more businesses. What's not to understand?"

Bad Ter Ducken! You didn't do your homework!


As an observer, it seems that we may have gotten a bit off track. The real issue at the beginning of this whole discussion and debate was who will make the best governor?

In my opinion, you want a CEO type of individual who can organize, hire good people, manage well, and, most importantly in today's world, inspire people. As Donald Johnson mentioned, BB's presence at the Arapahoe Repub. Men's Club was outstanding. He not only inspires people and is great on the stump, but he can actually put what he says to work for the people who have elected him.

Back to what I was saying about CEO's...BB has been a CEO, three times in fact. CEO of a dairy farm, CEO of a succesful bank, and now CEO of a Congressional District. Seems to me that since everyone has been pushing him to do more, and be involved in more, he's pretty good at it.

In my opinion, that speaks more than anything else on this blog. Personally, I don't want MH to be elected to anything because I don't believe in him. I encourage everyone who reads this blog to just attend an event where BB is the keynote. You'll be impressed too and soon you too will be posting on this blog praising him and having faith that he's the right person for the job.


Ter Ducken is off base on this - big surprise. The entire Beauprez family worked their asses off to make a living milking cows - and breeding them. Despite what Ter Ducken may think, agriculture is not an easy, glamorous, or lucrative occupation. Beauprez wasn't rich when he was a farmer. He only got rich after he turned Heritage Bank into a successful enterprise. And as far as inheriting wealth is concerned, Bob hasn't inherited anything as his mother is still alive.

Live Free or Die

OK Guys let’s knock off the who made their money how stuff.

Bob and Marc came from humble beginnings. Their families worked hard and made it.

The American Dream.

Let's leave it to the Dems in the general election to play the class struggle card.

We must stick to the Republican message that a free trade economy, low taxes, and limited government, benefits all.

It is the best solution for the woes of the world.


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