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Donald E. L. Johnson

So does this suggest Marc is a good salesman and delegator, but not good at hiring detail people---that he's not a detail kinda guy?

Everybody makes mistakes, but this doesn't look good.


I'm sure LT, with her vast wealth of experience and knowledge, on the campaign trail will be able to clean this mess up effortlessly. I bet they won't even have to refund any money.

Sarcasm drips. . .

Again, Dirk, I am so sorry.


What no one seems to be talking about (not just related to this issue but with his campaign in general) is that MH has a reputation for making sure he "knows everyone" - and being ingenuous at that. his 'personal rolodex' is chock full of all the people he's managed to align himself with over the years and now he's calling in the favors. MH's contributions are high because he's having no trouble getting people in that rolodex to right him a check to make him go away. Let's see where his coffers stand in 6 months relative to today. I always reserve the right to get smarter.


Well - at least they nipped this in the bud - rather than deal with it in Mexican Time. And did I get this straight?!? They ACTUALLY NAMED the volunteer??? Imagine - taking responsibility AND explaining everything that occured.


Poor Kyle Peters


What a classy act of leadership to stand up for the poor volunter and not let them single him out by name... Oh wait, on second thought, let's just throw him in front of the bus.

Defero Veritas

No kidding - thanks for volunteering huh? What a great message to send the grassroots - "Be sure to check 'Scapegoat' on your volunteer card!"

West Sloper

MH made one other mistake last week. He sent out a fundraising letter to Western Slope Republicans signed by non other tha former Aurora Mayor Ed Tauer Senior. We got to all work together on them water issues!! I hope he sent the same letter to Pueblo and the Arkansaw Valley.


And don't forget: Holtzman was the only member of the Gov's cabinet who acutally opposed the REF A/water grab back in 2002. Folks still remember THAT debacle.

Raven Betina Rudduck

I would appreciate either an email or phone call from Mr. Holtzman. I am a delegate for county and state and a committee person.
Thank you,

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