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I wonder how Dustin Olson will handle the vacancy in the 5th Congressional district? If he knows what's best in that situation, he will push Hefley to announce his retirement sooner rather than later. Either way, I've worked with Dustin in the past, he's a good guy and will do a good job.

I also thought that the hiring of Brett Johnson was interesting, coming from the Beauprez camp, definately a quiet show of force from BB within the state party organization.


Would somebody like to be a little more specific..what governor's race did he do? what made him a wunderkid in 2002?

remind me

What makes him a "Wonder kid" again? A lot of not 30 yet politicos have done more in 2 election cycles. What Governor's race? Owens? Becuase as much as you don't like to admit it Russell carried El Paso, Douglas and Pueblo for Owens.


I was wondering the same thing "remind me" but to say Russell carried El Paso Douglas and Pueblo for Owens is kind of like saying Tom Nalen carried the Broncos to two Super Bowls. Had a lot of help.


Coalitions Director - Bush Cheney in Minnesota
Campaign Director - Warner for Governor
Campaign Manager - Hoff for Delegate
Field Director - Colorado GOP
Staff Assistant - McInnis
White House Political Affairs

And those that would doubt his abilities - have simply never worked with him before.

remind me

I agree Ziik. I just did not know if El Paso is what the "Wonder Kid" was going to get credit for because the only thing I knew he was doing in 2002 was working El Paso as field cordinator for state party. Although Russell had a lot of help in his role as an Owens field cordinator he certainly did alot of the having lifting in those counties.


Wait a second! He was THE campaign manager for "Hoff for Delegate"?! really? you are right he truly is a wonder kid!


Guys - really - do you even know about Delegates? We're not talking delegates to a state convention here. And try checking the numbers on that race: it was never an R seat to begin with, he rasied R turnout by over 10% (or something like that). All while Russell was putting on a party in a circus tent complete with garbage cans and messed-up credentialing.

Russell is gone. Move on, too.


I know Dustin, I've worked with Dustin...if the GOP is relying on him for anything other than coffee and donuts, it's a sad day.


this might be dumb question of the day but the only Gov. Warner I can think of is Democrat Mark from VA

el paso hand

Anybody who doubts Dustin's abiltities, especially vis-a-vis Scott, is more then welcome to give a call down to Chuck Broerman and find out who did and didn't do the heavy lifting.


Seriously? Why is this part of the bob martinez shake up? Russell said in Blake's column that it had nothing to do with anything but him wanting to go do new things. I think we have a case of drama being created for the sake of a blog.

Also, anyone who delt with Russell at the end could tell he was burnt out. It was time for him to go. Why not get some fresh blood in there to see what he can do? Do we have to be so pessimistic about everything?

El Paso Princess

Dustin helped Monty Warner win the Republican primary for the WV governor's race. He has worked extensively with the GOP in Arlington, VA (which is not Republican friendly). Specifically, he was campaign manager for Christian Hoff's Virginia House of Delegates race. He did a great job in Minnesota for the Bush campaign and was subsequently hired into the Bush administration. I think he is a visionary...exactly what Colorado needs at this critical time! He did a great job with Sen. Ed Jones' race here in El Paso and that was his first job out of college. Now he has experience, momentum, and new skills to offer. Let's get behind our party and build it up from the inside. Our lack of solidarity really did us in last year! I have known Dustin for many years and have seen him work passionately on his projects. He is able to get the job done in a timely manner with unique creativity and vision that is focused on the principle that "people matter". I have complete confidence in his ability and desire to SERVE the conservative minded of Colorado.


What is his overall win record on these races? Ed Jones won, but Dustin was not the manager...Minnesota did not go to Bush,Did his delegate win? his Governor?


There is a large school of thought out there that losing a race actually teaches you more than winning it. Dustin knows how to think outside of a "win box" - and that's exactly the sort of mentality we'll need to win again.


The Dems got lucky cuz the Reps did not come out and play in 2004 -- no such luck next time -- the Reps have kept the US House for going on 12 years because they had an agenda and stuck to it -- people did not agree necessarily but they know that they stand for something -- this wishy-washy take a poll before going to the bathroom, nonsense by the State House Dems could be their downfall -- people want leaders not lackeys

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