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Anybody hear how Lamm and Perlmutter did fundraising for the latest reporting period?? Surely, Pols has the inside scoop?

Dave Chandler

My latest commentary on the votes of our representatives in Congress.


It's looking like we need the Greens!


More university employees making tons of dough. From the Boulder Daily Camera.

A sampling of CU salaries
July 2, 2005

The following is a sampling of top administrators' salaries for 2005-06, as approved by the Board of Regents this week.

Hank Brown, interim president as of Aug. 1: $350,000**

Jack Burns, vice president for academic affairs: $243,338*

John Bliss, interim vice president for budget and finance: $243,000*

Phil DiStefano, interim chancellor: $238,495*

David Getches, dean of law school: $237,815

Charles Sweet, university counsel: $234,000*

Susan Avery, interim provost: $228,943

David Braddock, associate vice president for research: $228,029

Todd Gleeson, dean of College of Arts and Sciences: $208,970

Leonard Dinegar, president's chief of staff: $169,950*

Lorrie Shepard, dean of School of Education: $159,704

Tanya Kelly-Bowry, associate vice president for government relations: $153,500*

Ray Gomez, associate vice president for university communications: $150,000

Mike Hesse, associate vice president for university advancement: $150,000

Milagros Cortez, secretary to the Board of Regents: $123,836*

* plus car allowance of $7,200

** plus standard car allowance and $40,000 housing allowance


now the tuition increases are making much more sense! at least Tanya Bowry makes more than Mike Hesse. There is some justice in that. Albeit he is extremely overpaid as it is.

simple suggestions

at what point does Hank make all the "interims" unemployed? pull the trigger HB, you will right this ship but it will be impossible with all of Betsy's holdovers. no different than any other administration, you need your own people, who won't stab you in the back, supporting your plan for change! Go get em!


Yikes, how many people are under each of these staffers???? They are paying $300K just for those 2 PR "gurus," dang!


given the general perceptions of CU Boulder both locally and nationally perhaps they should spending more on PR...


Didn't I read somewhere that they had hired Strom's guy as a consultant?

Phoenix Rising

While I would like to be making that kind of a salary, and it does look a bit expensive, for many of these positions we have to question what these people would be paid in the private sector...

What would you pay a private university President? Dean of a Law School (who could be out making real money as a lawyer)?

Admittedly, 123k for an executive secretary seems a lot, but I'm not sure it's exactly what it seems, either. Numbers don't tell a story without background.


Herb Rubenstein covers all the issues, not unlike others who don't have an opinion. I would like to hear the same debate on these issues from the other candidates? Where are Lamm and Perlmutter on the "issues?"

Waiting ................


I am impressed with the fact that Herb Rubenstein covers so many subjects, he appears very strong and straight-forward, dedicated to the Democratic Party. Herb also has an enormous background in law, business, ethics and Government. 100-1 odds? You must be joking.


very long post copied from website not cool. except for the part about automatic car brakes.



Defero Veritas

Did anyone see the article in the Rocky this morning about our newest national conservation area - McInnis Canyons?

Defero Veritas

Doh! Nevermind, I'll just join along with the new post up top!


character limit this: Roll Call'sHocking writes "with the clock ticking for Democrats to find a viable challenger" to Rep. Marilyn Musgrave (R) "their hopes appear to rest" on one "former self-described 'athletic missionary'"/college prof/state Rep. Angie Paccione (D) and "a colorful rancher whose plans could include campaigning across the sprawling 4th district with a mule named Marvin," state Rep. Wes McKinley (D). Paccione "who describes herself as biracial" is a born-again Christian and ex-USA women's basketball team member, while McKinley is "a self-described 'Bible-thumpin', whiskey-drinkin', gun-totin' Democrat."
Both candidates "have potential weaknesses." Independent pollster Floyd Ciruli says McKinley's politics may be closer ideologically to CD 04 but he "may be just a little bit too eccentric." Paccione "could be vulnerable to charges that she represents liberal 'college professor politics'" (6/30).


So, how many issues are we to discuss? Are we limited to only a discussion on a few of them?

Alva Adams

You can discuss whatever you'd like, but you can't just cut and paste a novel into the comments section. Link to it instead. The comments section isn't for spamming press releases or lengthy propaganda.


Herb, oops, Peter - Come on, at least try to be subtle.

Phoenix - so do you think we should look at the market for all state employees?? I probably wouldn't argue with you about the President or a Dean, but come one, the admin assistant is making 6 figures!!!!


SInce when are the "issues" propaganda? I think by picking only certain issues, that then becomes propaganda. I want to know what a candidate has to say on more than one issue ... that is why we lost the Presidential election in 2004. A concentration on only one problem, will not provide enough solutions - my opinion.


SInce when are the "issues" propoganda? A concentration on only one issue doesn't make a candidate. We lost the Presidential election because we did not cover a majority of the "issues" ... Iraq, health care and social security are not all of them. We can do a better job than that ...


I hear Herb is going to be speaking to the Jefferson County Young Democrats. Could be a good opportunity to learn more about the guy. Here is the annoucement I saw, trim it up anyway you guys see fit.


WHAT: Jefferson County Young Democrats July Meeting: Herb Rubenstein Congressional Candidate for the 7th District will speak to us about his candidacy.
WHEN: Wednesday, July 13th 2005
WHERE: Jefferson County Democratic HQ, 8745 W 14 Ave #110 Lakewood CO 80215
TIME: 6:30pm meeting

The Jefferson County Young Democrats will be hearing
from the 7th District Congressional candidate Herb Rubenstein. Herb is originally from Louisiana and holds a Master's Degree in Public Administration from the LBJ School of Public Affairs along with a Law Degree from Georgetown University. He is currently an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at Colorado State University and also President of Growth Strategies Incorporated. You can learn more about
Herb at his website - herbrubensteinforcongress.com.

The Jefferson County Young Democrats meet the second
Wednesday of every month. Membership is open to anyone 35 years of age or younger.


Thank you for the information Marshall !!!

Phoenix Rising

I just don't know what that executive assistant does. I've seen "secretaries" who pretty much serve as unofficial company officers...

The Board is unpaid, yes? The secretary might in fact be the only position they can use to do Real Work. I'm just saying we need to be informed before jumping on what seem to be expensive salaries.


Peter, when you say "we" lost a presidential election who are you talking about? My political leanings would say that WE won a presidential election successfuly adressing all of the aforementioned issues.

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