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upside down

300K for two guys that don't even know how to clean up an email string before forwarding to a reporter?!?! Seriously now, how do you defend that? Didn't one of them do PR for Mickey Mouse at one point? As for the other, maybe McInnis should look at why his Gubenatorial race hasn't gotten off the ground because his former crack staffer is limiting his reach and out of touch with Colorado.


Dear We??? We may have lost due to the fact that we did not CLEARLY identify all the issues. In my opinion, if we only talk about "terrorism," then we obviously give our President the focus of one issue. NEVER has a President NOT been relected in a time of war, so when I suggest we are limiting ourselves, that is what I am trying to protray. The public is not educated about these "other"issues, because we don't teach them or debate these other issues ...


No presidential candidate has ever been elected in the history of the United States who openly proposed a tax hike of any kind...ever...

I knew Kerry would lose, as soon as he bagan talking about rolling back the tax cut.


taxhike: Are you sure that President Clinton did not propose a tax hike? Hum. During his Presidency he balanced the budget and the country was in its best financial outcomes imaginable! President Clinton was re-elected as I recall ... let me know if this isn't correct.


I should have been more clear. No presidential candidae has ever been elected in the history of the United States who openly proposed (during their campaign) a tax hike of any kind...ever...

Clinton is the worst example you could have chosen - he is the king of triangulation.

I knew Kerry would lose, as soon as he began talking about rolling back the tax cut.

The budget was balanced because the economy was strong -- this was due, not to the government, but due to the hard work of Americans everywhere and the emergence of the information age. Another key variable in the balanced budget was the Republican Congress which controlled peacetime spending.

Phoenix Rising

Taxhike - have you really looked at the entirety of US history to come to this conclusion? I'm sure FDR proposed tax increases to support WWII; he certainly got them enacted...

As to your statement of government vs. people: at the risk of sounding annoyed, your view is typical of right-wing ideology: simplify, simplify, simplify. Government, private businessmen, and workers all contribute to the functioning of this country. A poor regulation of federal economics (money and government spending) leads to poor finances in the private market, which leads to poor growth. History will write that the strong growth of the 1990s was fueled by the popularization of 401(k) plans and the over-exuberance of the investing class and fund managers, coupled with an exploding increase in productivity (driven by technology) and tight government regulation of funds rates.

It takes two to tango as they say; Clinton was willing to put his name and stamp on the fiscal responsibility of this country just as Republicans were; Gore headed up the task force that eliminated many redundancies and departments within the Executive branch. Republicans in unity have proven over the last 5 years they aren't willing to be fiscally responsible, just as Democrats were not fiscally responsible under their 40+-year rule of Congress. The people want accountability, and the best accountability we seem to get is when we have a divided government. The people will be wanting their country back in 2006.

Phoenix Rising

DeLay problems won't go away. The investigation into lobbyist Jack Abramoff is now turning to his DC restaurant, Signatures. The New York Times is reporting that Abramoff was caught sending the following e-mail to his restaurant staff:
Subject: Tom and Christine DeLay

Want to come in Thursday May 9, 7:00 p.m. Table of 6, put it where I sit and remove other table. Their meal is to be comped. Thanks.

Also, the investigation has revealed that 18 names were listed as "no-pay" clients during the restaurant's earlier days, including at least 8 current or former lawmakers. The story quotes "Often, guests dined with Mr. Abramoff and did not receive a check, employees said[...]."

This is clearly against Congressional ethics rules, which limit gifts to $50 a year; dinner at Signatures is listed by Gayot in the $50-75 per person range. Who are the other 7 Congressmen? Will the investigation call into question the GOP moral values platform? And how far are DeLay's supporters - including Musgrave, Tancredo, and Beauprez - willing to go to protect their baldly corrupt leader?

Stay tuned!


This mornings Post noted that Hick has appointed Cole Finnigan as interim COS. Not really surprising, except for those who read this site and read the myriad of other names thrown out there.




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