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Hey, anybody catch Blake's piece in the Rocky today about the 4th CD? Between this piece and the Roll Call piece a couple of days ago its seems like Wes McKinley is getting more favorable coverage than Paccione. Both pieces question whether or not he is too eccentric but yet at the same time it is starting to prove that he can get some major press coverage because he is so colorful.

I think he also showed a lot of class by refusing to attack Angie when Blake gave him the opportunity (more or less tried to prod Wes into doing it too) about her financial troubles. In fact, he was able to turn the tables into a pretty funny statement that in essence goaded Musgrave.


Phoenix Rising

Nice piece.

PS - Anyone who says Wes is too quirky hasn't looked closely at Musgrave lately.

Red Ranger

From the Desk of... has an interesting piece about Angie, and potential Republican opponents lining up for her Statehouse seat.



I think you are writing off Paccione too quickly. All of the information you are seeing was in play for the 2004 election and I understand that she has cleaned up all of the lien and debt probs. Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking on behalf of some Republicans to me. And the reason the R's are lining up to run for HD 53 is not because they think they can beat AP...it's because they think she WILL be the 4th CD nominee to take on MM. But, that's what makes this stuff fun. Run, Angie, Run.


So why would the mayor of denver participate as an entrant in the steamboat springs fourth of july parade?

inquiring minds want to know.

could it be a governor's race?


Why shouldn't you repubs be beating up on Paccione. You tried it in '02 and '04...Knocking her from 51% victory to a mere 59% in only two years...how'd that work for you? I say, continue bad mouthing her...seems to work in her favor.

Run Angie, Run.


Wes is a good guy but, paleeze. People like Paccione in the 4th. When they meet her they like her. She particpates in events all over the state and not because she wants to be governor. It's because she is genuine. And that's a rarity in politics...even the Dem's didn't give her a chance in '02 when she beat Peggy R's hand picked candidate in the primary and went on to win in 53..the only D that won in that area (even BJ the incumbant got beat) as I recall. So,
just keep on doubting, Thomas....That's why they hold the elections.

Run Angie Run!!!!!


The one thing any rational Dem can agree is that a primary between Angie and Wes would be dumb. Here are just a few reasons why:

1) We give the R's a crack at two State House seats (in competitive districts none the less)

2) Would waste a lot of $$ when going up against a well financed incumbent.

3) Has the potential to get ugly and do more damage than good to the ultimate winner.


gl, I agree.

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