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Question for Redhawk...Laura Teal has told friends she is Redhawk--is that true? And if so, how can a pro-life conservative like you support a moderate like Marc Holtzman? And--finally--how much are you being paid by MH?


Why all this speculation about Laura Teel being Red Hawk? I don't think she has the time to devote to being "Red Hawk." There are so many other conservative females out there who could be "Red Hawk." Kendall Unrue (sp?), Tiffany Eberle, Laura Ingram, Ann Coulter, Jessica Simpson, Sara Evans, Frances Owens, Gail Norton, Jane Norton, Rachel Nance, and many others.

Also, who said Holtzman is not a Conservative? I doubt the conservatives would be jumping aboard Holtzman's campaign, if he WASN'T CONSERVATIVE. Frankly, I think Beauprez is doing this state and the country an injustice by wanting to run for Governor. After all, he was "appointed" to the powerful Ways and Means committee so he could continue to win in his district and now, because we REALLY wants to run for President, (no secret here, since his wife wants to be First Lady of the United States and has told him so); he decides to run for Governor.

But, here is what I see..if Beauprez stays in...Ken Salazar decides to run for Governor..Kennyboy wins and appoints his brother to the US Senate. Wow! Wouldn't that turn GOP heads!

So, don't start bashing Laura Teel or Holtzman or anyone unless you post the true facts. Bottom line...Laura Teel's salary in none of your business!


Jeez Laura, a little to much coffee this morning? Talk about starting off a nice weekend fired up.


Everybody knows RedHawk is LT. I think most people have been watching to see what happened regarding the postings related to the R side of the Gov's race and RedHawk.

It is clear that the dead Govs are Ds and don't have a clue about R politics. Some of the things posted here are such old news as to be laughable. (Owen running against Reisberg a case in point, that has been out there since late April!).


Sorry to disappoint you, Sonny! Not Laura Teel. I have a question though...since Governor, I split up with my wife because I had an affair, Owens endorsed Beauprez..does that mean he will devote alot of his time on the campaign trail for him? Because the last election...he back off on his support for Schaffer and supported Coors and then when he supported Coors he didn't do crap for the Coors.

I am Red Hawk

I am Red Hawk.


Red Hawk


Gee, thanks.

i am the walrus

I am the Walrus


The Walrus


I think someone was drinking too much happy juice at 12:24 am. New Rule: no drunk bloggin.


The Holtzman as #1 is very suspicious indeed.


Hey wants to know - you need to stop buying into those lies the BB camp is feeding you and actually check his record - or even better - talk to Mark yourself.

I for one think the "prolife" staffer on a prolife candidates campaign makes a whole lot more sense than the prochoice staffer on a BB campaign. But that's just me...


BB wants to be President. Congressmen don't get elected President - having to run for election every two years kinda forbids that. Governor's, on the other hand, can run for (and win) President. So that "FIRE IN HIS BELLY" for this race is really about his own future - not the future of Colorado.


Anyone who would consider themselves a "friend" of Laura's would know what has happened in the last two months with her father. Get off your damn pulpits and go find someone else to bash - Laura's dealing with a lot, and she doesn't need to hear what people are posting about her here.


oh man...Joey wins the award for most hilarious URL ever. Nice work!


"But, here is what I see..if Beauprez stays in...Ken Salazar decides to run for Governor..Kennyboy wins and appoints his brother to the US Senate."

It's people like this that make it possible for $1.5B casinos in Vegas to be paid off in 3 years. Howdoyouknow - please open up an account on my new website, www.bettingforsuckers.com


So, who is the pro-choicer on the BB camp? I'd like to know that one!

Also, it seems MH is locking up votes in the State assembly in Douglas and El Paso County. Two of the biggest strongholds in Colorado. Lock those up and the establishment can kiss BB goodbye. If BB is SO SERIOUS about running for Governor, why doesn't he step down as Congressman of the 7th? Too much ego to do so!

Again, BB and Claudia wants the White House...he doesn't care about Colorado only running for 1600 Penn Ave.


Is it time to start bashing staffers? Okay... we all know Julie is one of the most moderate (yes, pro-choice) republicans out there. Nothing wrong with that, mind you, but try to keep perspective. It's not like BB is hiring all conservatives himself.


Now that's actually a good suggestion. Beauprez steps down - allowing him to also run for Governor full time - and we throw the Democrats in a tizzy trying to find their candidate in a special election. Ours is already decided - O'Donnel - and then Headwaters can come jumping in to win the 7th. That actually makes some sense...

Defero Veritas

So much venom from Howdoyouknow... probably just some very upset (jealous?) Holtzman staffer.

Since we're talking about 1600 Penn. Ave, you all should look up www.holtzman2008.com on WHOIS. Looks like "East Coast" Holtzman must have an ego the size of New England and had some relative go ahead and register the domain for him.

Now, who's not thinking about Colorado...?


wouldn't you like to know...sorry sonney...don't work for holtzman. Just trying to break out the facts. Seriously, though, if BB is so serious about the gov race. Why doesn't he step down from Congress?

Defero Veritas

Facts huh? So that's what kids are calling personal attacks these days...

Did I catch some endorsement envy up there earlier? Have you already put some talking points together for MH so he can attack Schaffer, Hefley, Coffman, and Musgrave too?


So the democrats are laughing their happy ass** off at us already - but I have to add: did everyone forget that Shaffer had nearly every major endorsement in the primary and lost anyway? And that Coors had all the R's behind him, too, after the primary, and still lost. This ideologue crap may win a primary - but we need a guy with crossover appeal to win the general.


the worst attack is to deride someone for having the possibility of being President.

I truly believe that, if a bizillion variables fall into place, Governor Bob Beauprez could be an attractive candidate for President in 2012.

Having a President from Colorado would not be a bad thing. It would be great for Colorado.


"This ideologue crap may win a primary - but we need a guy with crossover appeal to win the general."

Hi laughing - let me introduce you to BB.

howdoyouknow - thanks for the laughs...keep 'em coming; god knows we could use 'em round these parts...


New Rule: no more saying "New Rule"...Also what is Tiffany Eberle up to these days, that post at the top made me wonder. Additionally there is one person who is noticeably absent from this conversation. Red Hawk. Why don't you just say "I'm not Laura Teal."

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